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Chef Jessica Koslow of Sqirl

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The thing that is most important to me is how do you feed the world well, at a price that’s affordable.

jessica koslow

Jessica Koslow is the chef behind the restaurant Sqirl, a widely popular LA-based breakfast and lunch spot that seems to always have a line out the door.

As if Sqirl wasn’t enough, Koslow is also opening a brand-new restaurant (Onda), has written a book on “New California Cooking“, and is about to release a new book on jam making.

It’s incredible to think that this highly acclaimed chef didn’t go to culinary school. In fact, pursuing a career in food didn’t hit her until her college years, when she found herself on a cranberry farm.

Jessica shares her cranberry epiphany with us, as well as useful tips on how folks can cook more sustainably at home (here’s one tip: turn aging cucumbers into ice cubes!).

Can’t miss moments from the show

  1. Jessica shares a tip on how to get into Sqirl, even with the long line.
  2. She demystifies pickling and preserving (it’s not that scary!) Plus, here’s a link on how to pickle produce.
  3. Jessica shares ideas on how to use stems, aging fruit, and avocado pits in different recipes
  4. She explains why most chefs are really boring cooks at home.
  5. She shares awesome tips on how to keep leftovers interesting

Links to things we talked about

  1. Check out the Sqirl website.
  2. Check out chef Jessica on IG
  3. Jessica’s brand new restaurant: Onda
  4. Gravenstein Apple “The End Of Summer In A Fruit”
  5. Magnus Nilsson,  the Swedish chef who was formerly the head chef at the restaurant Fäviken until it closed.
  6. Jessica’s go-to karaoke song: And I Ran by Flock of Seagulls

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