Protein With a Purpose: Where Our Salmon Comes From

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Getting your protein delivered from us means supporting producers you can feel good about. While restaurants demand salmon fillets of the same size and shape, we’re proud to work with Hofseth to market their off-sized fillets of salmon that are just as nutritious and tasty as the other cuts. This lets us provide you with delicious salmon at a great price and helps Hofseth better utilize the whole fish. 

Not only is Hofseth taking bold steps to reduce waste through our partnership, they’re also leading the way when it comes to redefining what sustainable seafood can look like. 

In Norway, salmon has long been a central part of the diet and economy, but now folks are justifiably concerned that the global hunger for salmon is having negative impacts on the environment and wild fish populations. With open ocean fishing harming salmon stocks and some salmon farms relying on unsustainable practices, the future of this beloved fish hasn’t always been very bright. Now, it’s looking as rosy as a fresh salmon fillet thanks to producers like Hofseth. 

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Hofseth is building a more sustainable salmon industry that doesn’t harm wild fish populations. Their solution is to farm salmon in low-density, open water enclosures that give the fish plenty of room to swim around in the beautifully clear, cold waters of Norway’s famous fjords. They are raised without antibiotics and fed a meat-free diet, making it no surprise why they meet the highest international standards for fish welfare. 

You might assume this caliber of fish would be prohibitively expensive, but since we work with Hofseth to find a home for their off-sized fillets, we’re able to make this quality salmon accessible to everyone by pricing it under ten dollars per pound.

 Producers like Hofseth remind us that that every time you’re buying fish, you’re making a statement about what kind of oceans you want to see. Thank you for helping us vote for healthier oceans, one fish at a time! 

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