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Former Trader Joe’s President Doug Rauch on Conquering Food Waste and Hunger

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20% of what the average customer buys goes to waste. That’s like buying 5 bags of groceries and leaving one at the store.

doug rauch

Doug Rauch was instrumental in turning Trader Joe’s into what it is today — a grocery shopping experience people love and flock toward.

Under Doug’s leadership, Trader Joe’s redefined what it means to go food shopping. He hopes to have the same impact on hunger.

Daily Table is Doug’s latest venture — a nonprofit aimed at removing the stigma of food shelters so that those in need can get healthy food, without feeling like they’re getting a handout.

Doug Rauch talked with Reilly about the history of organic foods, the secret sauce for how Trader Joe’s became so successful, and why he’s committed his life toward ending hunger in America.

Show notes

  • Checkout Doug Rauch’s non-profit: Daily Table
  • Doug shares his tips on how grocery stores can reduce waste
  • He also shares how we, as consumers, play our part in encouraging grocery store waste
  • We learn the inspiration behind Daily Table (hint: it came from a billboard message)

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