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Introducing Imperfect’s Food Waste Week in NYC!

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Exciting and Delicious news for all our friends in the New York Area

We’re inviting you to take a holiday from food waste alongside some of our favorite New York City restaurants. Imperfect Foods is proudly partnering with local chefs across New York City to host the first-ever Imperfect’s Food Waste Week. Our aim is to raise awareness and help combat the 650,000 tons of food waste NYC businesses send to landfill every year. This issue is near and dear to our hearts all year round but is even more critical during the holidays. According to the EPA, America’s waste increases 25% during the period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.

Take a Bite out of Food Waste

To take a big bite out of this problem, we’re teaming up with an all-star team of NYC restaurants, including Hunky Dory, Wayla, Una Pizza Napoletana, baba cool, La Morada, Mille Nonne, and Two Boots. They’re creating limited-edition menu items made with recovered produce and grocery items from Imperfect that would’ve otherwise gone to waste.

You can join in the fight by visiting any of these restaurants and trying one of their specials. From November 18th to November 24th, and be sure to check out collaborative dishes like:

  • Imperfect apple and pear salad from Hunky Dory.

  • Imperfect eggplant pizza and cara cara sorbetto from Una Pizza Napoletana.

  • Kang Liang – a clear spicy vegetable soup with shrimp, featuring Imperfect shiitake, corn, asian pear, squash and basil from Wayla.

  • Imperfect baba bowl made with roasted butternut squash, sautéed kale, pickled beets, rosemary mushrooms, wild rice, sunflower seeds, and green goddess dressing from baba cool.

  • A (mostly) vegan brunch menu featuring Imperfect seasonal soup, vegan quesadillas, and kale salad from La Morada.

  • Imperfect squash gnocchi from Mille Nonne at Essex Market.

  • Imperfect vegan spaghetti squash pie with onions and cilantro (optional cajun hot oil) from Two Boots.

Tune in or go in Person

Throughout the week, we’ll be sharing chef-tested tips and tricks to help you make the holiday season less stressful and more delicious. Think ways to cook less wastefully, tips for wasting less food when you go out to eat, and inspiration for creating delicious, flavorful meals to make friends and family feel loved!

If you live in New York, we hope you’ll stop by one of our partner restaurants participating in Food Waste Week to taste what it’s all about. Stop by any of these awesome restaurants and be sure to snap a photo using the hashtag #foodwasteweek and tag @imperfectfoods! So if you don’t live in the city, then we hope you’ll tell your NYC friends. Follow along with our chef tips on social media. Together, all of us can build a less wasteful food system, one meal at a time!


  • Nikol Hasler
    November 18, 2019 at 4:57 pm

    If you did something like this in Los Angeles it would go over very well.

    • Imperfect
      November 18, 2019 at 5:28 pm

      That’s an excellent idea, Nikol! We’ll pass it along to our team. We’d love to host events like these all over the country one day!


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