Our Most Popular Podcast Episodes of 2019!

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In 2019, we launched Unwasted, the Imperfect podcast, and had a blast recording it and sharing it with you! In case you missed them, here are the three episodes that our community loved the most: 

  • Dan Kurzrock from Regrained. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to start your own business, or if you just love beer, our interview with Dan with Regrained will speak to you. Our chat was packed with practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, food for thought about plastic packaging, and an educational deep dive into the power of upcycling. After listening to this episode, you’ll never look at beer the same way again.

  • Chef Jessica Koslow from Sqirl. Looking for some chef tips that will make you a better cook at home? Chef Jessica Koslow of LA’s beloved and hip restaurant Sqirl has your back! In this fun chat, Jessica shares ideas for using up leftovers, how to make jam, and chef-approved cooking tricks to try at home. It’s must-listen for the food nerds and cooks out there! 

  • Doug Rauch of Trader Joes and Daily Table. How is it that our grocery industry can waste so much food while so many Americans go hungry? Doug Rauch, a grocery industry veteran, has some insight on this conundrum that may just blow your mind. In our conversation, Doug pulled back the curtain on how to make grocery shopping more enjoyable, why grocery stores waste so much food, and how all of us can help eliminate hunger. This was one of the most inspiring episodes of the year! 

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Olympia Auset. We hear bad news about our food system too often, but what are people actually doing to make things better? Olympia Auset is an entrepreneur and food justice activist who you need to get to know if you haven’t yet. In our chat we get into why food deserts are such a large and pervasive problem in the US, what an urban food oasis can look like, and why food activism is the most important form of activism of all. Our chat with her was one of the most motivating parts of 2019 and we bet it will be a highlight of 2020 for you! 

  • Carla Lalli Music. Ever wish that someone would just sit you down and explain the basics of good cooking once and for all? You’ve got to meet Carla Lalli Music of Bon Appetit. This episode has practical tips for shopping smarter and making cooking easier, along with cooking gear that’s worth every penny and Carla’s top cookbook recommendations, too! 

  • Joel Gamoran. Sometimes living more sustainably just means rethinking the things you’re currently throwing away. Nobody has made us rethink commonly discarded scraps like pickle juice and corn cobs more than Joel Gamoran. This episode is packed with empowering advice for following your passion, re-thinking scraps, and making dinner time the most fun part of the day! 

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