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Our Waste-Free Holiday Gift Guide

Americans generate more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s than any other time of the year – 25% more according to the EPA – but the season of giving doesn’t have to mean a season of garbage. Making a few seemingly small changes like re-thinking how you wrap gifts can have a major impact on how much waste you create over the holidays. To help you give gifts that matter, here’s a holiday gift guide that will help you and your family take a holiday from waste!

Give a gift that prevents waste 

Some gifts can actually prevent waste and make life easier by replacing the single-use disposable items that many of us go through every year, like cups, straws, forks, bags, food wrap, and more. For example, if you know someone that loves coffee but would could use a reusable to-go cup, try adding a Keep Cup to your next Imperfect order to give to them. We’re also big fans of the work that Stasher and Abeego are doing to redefine less wasteful food storage through their innovative reusable bags and food wraps.

Give baked goods 

There are few gifts more thoughtful, affordable, memorable, and shareable as homemade baked goods. They’re easy to make, require zero wrapping paper, and are infinitely adaptable to the tastes of the person you’re giving them to. You can even order your baking supplies in your next Imperfect order to spare you an extra trip to the store during the season of crowds and bad weather. Try making a batch of these almond snowball cookies to give out to friends and family!

Give an experience

In many ways, experiential gifts are the ultimate waste-free gifts since they require no packaging or wrapping paper, and can be perfectly tailored to the tastes of whomever is on your list. Experiential gifts like tickets to a concert, a massage, or even a homemade meal are always a fun surprise and leave a lasting impression on the recipient. This is also a great way to invest in gifts that will make your loved ones truly happy, since science has proven that experiences bring us more lasting joy than material possessions.

We hope these ideas help you embrace the joy of generosity without the stress and waste that come with mountains of wrapping paper and plastic packaging. Cheers to a less wasteful holiday season!

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