Celebrating 100 Million Pounds of Food Recovered!

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We’re celebrating 100 million pounds of food recovered by our community to date! Can you believe that’s the same weight as 206 jumbo jets? This win belongs to all of you. We’re flying high on the feeling of finding a good home for so much food with your help and support. Recovering food at the scale we are today is inspiring for us for so many reasons:

It’s proof that together we can all make an impactful dent in how much food goes to waste in our food system every year. Saving 100 million pounds of food means that all of the water, land, and labor that went into growing this food was fully valued and appreciated! While there’s still a lot of work to do to turn around food waste, milestones like this give us hope. We’re moving the needle on a crucial problem when it comes to addressing climate change and feeding our growing population.

It means that farmers and food producers are making a better living off of their hard work. And the business of feeding people can become more sustainable—environmentally and economically. Reducing food waste is a big step towards our goal of building a better food system for everyone. Crucial to this goal is making sure that growing and selling food is an efficient, sustainable, and compassionate business for everyone along the supply chain.

It helps us connect our network of nonprofit partners across the country with good food to help nourish their programs. This win belongs to the entire Imperfect community. That includes the amazing organizations we work with who are addressing food insecurity and public health locally. As we grow in size, we’re able to donate even more fresh fruits and vegetables and grocery staples to nonprofits and food banks that need them.

To everyone who has helped us get to this point, we want to say a huge thank you. thank you to our customers, farmers, suppliers, employees, and supporters. You have helped us show the world that scalable, sustainable solutions to food waste aren’t just possible, they’re unstoppable. Together, we’re closing the loop on food waste and building a better food system for everyone!

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