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Chef tips for better home cooking with Joshua Weissman

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The answer is simple. Doing it is hard

joshua weissman

Rethink cooking with Joshua Weissman

After having an unhealthy relationship with food in his teens, Joshua Weissman lost 100 pounds at age 16 and turned a corner in terms of his diet and lifestyle. 

Today, he spends his days creating fun, quirky, and informative food content for his Youtube channel to share his passion for food with the world. In our chat, we explore Josh’s unique culinary philosophy in depth. We discuss why it’s so important to make food from scratch, restaurant cooking principles you can apply at home, and how to figure out the right knife to buy for you. 

We also explore how to organize your kitchen better in a way that will make you cook more and enjoy doing it more, too. Josh shares why restaurants can waste so much food despite the fact that chefs pride themselves on reducing waste, and he gets into the waste-fighting benefits of fermenting vegetables at home. 

This episode is packed with practical wisdom for anyone looking to relate to food and cooking in a new way. 

Show Notes 

  • Don’t miss out on Joshs informative Instagram Youtube Channel page.
  • We’re also big fans of his Instagram.
  • Josh is a big fan of sous vide as a way to make meal prep even faster. He’s a fan of the Anova Sous Vide system.
  • Josh shared his essential cooking gear worth spending money on. A chef’s knife, cutting board, small saucepot, and a sauté pan all make the cut. 
  • Josh is a huge fan of the knife store Bernal Cutlery in the Bay Area. They have very friendly customer service and ship, too! 
  • Josh broke down the important distinction between honing and sharpening a knife. You can learn more about that here
  • Josh is a big fan of beurre monte
  • Josh’s go-to music to sing while cooking is Drake
  • Josh and Reilly are both big fans of Gordon Ramsay and his informative culinary content

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