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Why Cooking Matters with Sarah Nelson of 18 Reasons

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Cooking is 90% planning.

Sarah nelson

Ever wish you could improve your home cooking skills? Sarah Nelson has built a career around teaching people it. She teaches folks like you how to cook at 18 Reasons, a food nonprofit organization in San Francisco.

Through her work, she’s learned dozens of actionable tips and tricks that anyone can use to become a better cook and include healthy foods in your diet in a way that’s fun, sustainable, and delicious. We discuss how to overcome common home cooking roadblocks like not having enough time, money, or the right equipment.

Sarah shares practical tips she’s learned from teaching hundreds of cooking classes. She’ll show you how to shop smarter, stock a pantry, and make better meal plans. Sarah will make cooking a lasting habit for you and your family. She also shares her kitchen hot takes on why we should all use more salt, eat beans more often, have painters tape in the kitchen, and never use half a bunch of herbs. Finally, Sarah shares tips on how to get kids to help in the kitchen, eat more vegetables, and waste less food!

This episode truly has something for everyone, from the kitchen novice to the hardcore food nerd, and everyone in between!

Show Notes

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