3 Women in Food Who Inspire Us

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We’ve had the honor of meeting some incredible women in food through our podcast. In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating three inspiring podcast guests that taught us a ton about food. We hope they’ll inspire you, too! 

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Giselle Kennedy Lord from Slow Food USA shared why taking the time to cook and eat a proper meal has huge benefits for our physical and mental health and our planet’s biodiversity. She’s an empowering advocate for food culture and the importance of slowing down in our lives. Her work through Slow Food reminded us of the true power of food culture and the underappreciated value of sharing a meal with someone. 

Listen here! 

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Olympia Auset from SÜPRMARKT taught us how to make change in our communities and champion food justice and accessibility. We are grateful to her for showing us a positive example of how food can transform a city from the inside out. She’s living proof that sad injustices in our food systems like food deserts (more accurately described food apartheid) don’t have to be inevitable and are well within all of our power to do something about. The first step is to care and work together! 

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Sabine Valenga inspired us though her story of founding Food For All, a business that sources surplus food from restaurants and lets individuals pick it up for a discount. Her revolutionary business model is helping restaurants dramatically reduce how much food they waste and helping folks get access to good food for less. She’s a great example of someone who recognized an environmental and social problem and solved it with an elegant, scalable, and impactful solution. 

Listen here! 

We’re deeply grateful for these women and all of the women working to build a more sustainable, just, and prosperous food system for everyone. 

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