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The Imperfect Spring Grocery Preview

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In these uncertain times, we hope to offer you some great new ingredients that will be a joy to cook from the comfort of your own home. Spring at Imperfect is a truly exciting time, full of fresh produce coming into season, as well as new spring grocery items we think you’ll love. Here’s what we’re most excited about in the months ahead:

Marvelous Melon

After months of citrus being the only game in town, melon season is on the horizon! We’re currently starting to get undersized Mexican watermelons as well as surplus cantaloupes and honeydews out of Guatemala. The West Coast melon season is about to add even more excitement, with juicy Karameza cantaloupes and Morgan honeydews coming in hot in the weeks ahead. Start researching those salad and cocktail recipes!

Goat Cheese Galore

Speaking of salads, we’re upping our goat cheese game this spring. All of our markets can look forward to delicious Wisconsin goat cheese from Emmi Roth. The Bay Area can also expect Sonoma goat cheese from Laura Chenel. We also have an exceptional story of food recovery in uncertain times to share. Due to coronavirus, a major airline recently had to cancel an order for 40,000 snack trays. So we stepped in to make sure it didn’t go to waste! Starting in April, we’ll be offering a selection of cheese, crackers, and dried cherries at great price!

Awesome Asparagus 

The Midwest can look forward to exceptional asparagus from Michigan once the season starts up in late April and early May. While jumbo asparagus typically gets sent overseas, we buy small asparagus spears (smaller than a pencil) which are hard for growers to market because of their shorter shelf life. These petite asparagus spears are excellent in the kitchen since they cook quickly, and they’re truly decadent grilled and drizzled with lemon juice!

Special Smoked Salmon 

Seafood fans can look forward to delicious smoked salmon in your boxes this spring. While smoked salmon is understandably popular on bagels and salad, the tails are harder to sell to retail giants. We’ve started to source beechwood smoked salmon tails and offering them to Imperfect customers. These tails would otherwise get ground up into Nova blends, so this program is an innovative and delicious way to value the whole fish. We’re also proud to share that this salmon is certified sustainable by Monterey Bay’s Seafood Watch Program and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.

Lots of Lamb 

Just in time for Passover, Easter, or whatever spring feast you’ve planned, we’ve partnered with Capra Foods in Texas to source some exceptional lamb. Our Dorper Lamb has a uniquely mild flavor and is grass-fed and completely pasture-raised . We’ll offer stew meat, which is lean and super versatile in recipes. We’ll also have delicious lamb tamales, which are the perfect treat for entertaining and help Capra use the whole lamb year-round.

We hope this helps you find a silver lining in what in an uncertain time of year for all of us. Wishing you happy cooking and eating with your loved ones!

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