Feeding Compassion, Hope, and Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

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If you have experienced a delayed or cancelled order recently, please read this update from our CEO explaining what happened and what we’re doing about it.

Imperfect Foods was created to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone. We saw a system that failed so many farmers, producers, and eaters, so we built a new model to feed more people with fewer intermediaries and less waste. We’ve connected our community to all of the groceries they depend on from produce to protein, oat milk to olive oil, while also helping food producers make their businesses more environmentally and economically sustainable.

Now that model has taken on a crucial new significance. Some of the most sobering scenes of America’s response to COVID-19 have occurred in the crowded aisles and along the bare shelves of our nation’s grocery stores. 

How we eat has always mattered. Now it matters more than ever before. 

Now is the time to be thoughtful eaters.

Buy only what you need. We know many folks are justifiably worried about having enough food to feed their families right now. We ask that everyone remember that our food system is incredibly robust and resilient, and there is more than enough food to go around. 

If we’re going to get through this together, we need to remember that all of our needs are interconnected. Not only does panic-buying create bare shelves in our grocery stores, it also deprives your neighbors (especially the elderly and those at-risk) of the food they need. One of the hardest, but most important parts, of building a better food system isn’t choosing what to buy, it’s making the selfless decision to choose what not to buy. As long as we all can show a little patience and compassion, there will continue to be more than enough to go around. 

Hoarding more than you can eat is a true waste. Stockpiling more food than you can eat is counterproductive for you, your neighbors, and our food system. While some foods like rice, lentils, and pasta can last in your pantry for years, stockpiling more meat, milk, or produce than you can eat before it goes bad deprives your neighbors of nutritious food and only further contributes to the volume of food that goes to waste in homes each year. Remember, the most expensive ingredient is always the one that you throw away. We ask you to be kind grocery shoppers by embracing some fundamental but powerful ideas: 

Now is the time to show compassion. 

This crisis is especially hard on our food-insecure and unhoused neighbors. Our nation’s food banks need our support right now. If you’re able, please find a food bank in your area and make a financial donation to them. This moment in history is a test of our generosity in the face of adversity. 

Now is the time to make food more accessible than ever before. 

A central pillar of Imperfect’s mission is making food more accessible and affordable for more people. In these challenging times, this part of our mission has become extra important to us. 

Our Reduced Cost Box program is available to anyone and everyone who qualifies for SNAP/food stamps. We believe that food is a fundamental human right, and that income shouldn’t be a barrier to eating nutritious food. Click here to take part in the Reduced Cost Box program.

What we are facing today is unprecedented. At Imperfect Foods, we’re doing everything in our power to keep our employees safe and our community nourished. We are fully committed to remaining in operation, delivering groceries to everyone who needs them, and being a force for stability and generosity in our food system. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Now is a critical moment to shape what the future of our food system looks like. We won’t waste a second. 

– Philip Behn

CEO, Imperfect Foods