Your Questions About COVID-19, Answered

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We know that many of you are feeling uncertain in light of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. We understand your concerns and want  to do everything we can to support you with the food, knowledge, and comfort that you need right now. Our hearts go out to everyone who has felt the effects of this virus on their physical and mental health, their work, their family life, and their sense of stability in the world. We feel your pain and are here to help. Below are your most-frequently asked questions about COVID-19, answered. If you want to read more about what our company and community is doing to rise to the challenge of this moment in history, please read this note from our CEO. 


  • Are you still delivering groceries right now? Yes. We are currently delivering to all of our customers and plan to continue delivering for the foreseeable future. We are predicting some delivery delays in the weeks ahead as our hard-working staff adjusts to new levels of demand. Should there be any delay or interruption in our service or availability we will proactively let you know via email. Our team is working diligently to get you the groceries you depend on, while doing everything we can to keep our employees safe and our community nourished and secure. 

  • Is my food safe? What precautions are you taking to make sure that my delivery is safe? Currently, there is no evidence of foodborne transmission of COVID-19, and the CDC and our Supply team see no relevant risk or concern associated with food delivery. Within our warehouses, the Imperfect Foods Safety team has placed extra emphasis on our already stringent processes. Every employee handling products and boxes wears protective gloves, and all employees are trained on proper handwashing, safe food handling, and effective preventive action. As an extra precaution, we have temporarily suspended our box return program. We ask that for now you recycle your delivery box instead of leaving it out for us. 

  • Why did my delivery window change? We expanded our delivery windows to give our hard-working drivers a bit of extra flexibility given the increase in demand we’ve been experiencing. 

  • Why didn’t the driver follow my delivery instructions? Due to COVID-19, we have instructed our drivers to not ring your doorbell or knock on your door when they drop off your box as an extra precaution. Instead, we’ll send you a text when your order has arrived. We’ve also stopped our packaging reuse program to be extra careful, so please reuse or recycle your boxes after they arrive.

  • What should I do if my delivery is late or I haven’t received it? Stay patient and check your email. We’re doing our best to get everyone their groceries during the windows we’ve promised, but there may be weeks when your order might be delayed by a few hours or up to a day. We promise to be transparent with you anytime we have to delay your order and do everything we can to get it to your door. If you haven’t received an update from us by the end of the day after your scheduled delivery, please reach out to us here.  


  • Are you going to have enough food?

    Yes. We are going to have enough food for everyone. Our food system currently produces far more food than our country can eat every year and our suppliers across the grocery store are confident in their abilities to continue feeding everyone despite the challenges posed by coronavirus. We have a robust supply chain and we’re in daily talks with our farmers and partners to ensure that we have a continuous supply. While there may be moments of low inventory or limited variety for high demand items, check back later during your shopping window or the next week as we may have restocked. 

  • Why are certain things sold out?

    As you might imagine, we’ve seen unprecedented spikes in demand for certain items recently. This means that when you shop with us you may see certain items temporarily out of stock. We are working proactively with all of our growers and producers right now to order extra inventory for future weeks, and are grateful for your patience when this happens. 

  • Why are there limits on certain items?

    To ensure that we have enough food for you and your neighbors, we are placing limits on produce (3 per item) and grocery (4 per item) items. This is not meant to deprive anyone of food they need, but rather to ensure that there is enough for everyone in our community. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding. 

Community Support

  • Can I get a discounted box if I qualify for SNAP/Food Stamps?

    Yes. Food accessibility matters to us now more than ever before. Anyone who qualifies for SNAP/Food Stamps can take part in this program. Click here. 

  • How are you supporting food banks?

    We are continuing donations of fresh produce and grocery essentials to our nonprofit partners, where possible, since they need our support now more than ever. If you’re able to donate to your local food bank, they could use your support, too!

How Can I Help?

  • Buy only what you need. 

  • Wash your hands with soap and water regularly, for at least 20 seconds and avoid touching your face. 

  • Frequently disinfect surfaces in your kitchen and home. 

  • Work from home if possible, avoid unnecessary travel and errands and practice social distancing

  • Donate to your local food bank

  • Call a friend, video chat a family member, check in on your neighbors. 

  • Tell a friend or relative who needs groceries about Imperfect. 

Miscellaneous Resources 

  • Where can I find updates about how you’re responding to COVID-19?

    Head to this page to stay up to speed. We also recommend that you check in with the CDC to see official updates about the disease and the government’s response. 

  • Where can I find storage tips for all of my fridge and pantry items? 

    Head to this page to learn the best way to store your groceries to ensure they stay fresh as long as possible. 

  • Where can I find recipes for cooking with your groceries? 

    We could all use some good recipes right now. Please check out our recipe page to get inspired and start cooking. For more inspiration, we’re huge fans of Bon Appetit, Food 52 and Serious Eats

  • Where can I find tips for reducing food waste in my home? 

    We regularly share tips and tricks for making all of your groceries last longer on our blog. We also recommend checking out Save The Food and Chef Joel Gamoran’s Instagram for tips on cooking scrappy. 

  • Any ideas for staying entertained and grounded during social distancing? 

    Now is a great time to listen to our podcast, learn some new cooking techniques on Youtube, clean and organize your fridge, or just listen to a hilarious and feel-good rap about the benefits of cucumbers. 

Please take care of yourselves, wash your hands, be kind to each other, and eat lots of fruits and veggies.

Gratitude and groceries, 

Team Imperfect

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