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Unraveling the Fashion Industry With Taryn Hipwell of Beyond the Label

I’d like to see people get as familiar with types of fabric as they are with brands of clothes.

taryn hipwell

Have you ever wondered about the environmental footprint of your closet? Why is it that we are so concerned with avoiding pesticides and single-use plastics in our food but not our clothing? Is fast fashion worse for the planet than fast food?

To answer these thorny questions and more, clothing expert Taryn Hipwell founded “Beyond the Label,” a nonprofit focused on consumer education and advocating for a more sustainable fashion industry.

Her groundbreaking “What’s in my tee?” program showed consumers the ingredients that went into t-shirts so they could learn how to avoid pesticides, heavy metals, and unhealthy dyes in the fabrics they wear every day. In our eye-opening chat, we cover how fast fashion’s reliance on polyester and throw-away culture is virtually identical to the world of single-use plastics and why we should all think more about the health impacts of what we wear.

We then explore the end of life for clothing and dig into why only a fraction of the clothes we donate get sold, while the majority of them get shipped to Africa. Taryn also shares a helpful guide to being “fabric literate” and learning to decipher which fabrics and chemicals you should try to avoid and seek out when you’re shopping. This episode is the education about clothing everyone should have really learned in school and will make you re-think your closet and personal style for the better!

Show Notes