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How to Make a Better Meal Plan With Alison Mountford of Ends + Stems

More food is wasted in our homes than at any other point in the supply chain.

alison mountford

Research has shown that simply having a shopping list and meal plan every time you buy groceries results in easier meals, saving money, and less waste. So why is it that this is so hard for so many of us to do?

Alison Mountford knows the answer all too well. After seeing how much waste was happening in people’s homes during her time as a private chef, she started a business to help empower people with meal plans to make cooking easier and less wasteful once and for all.

In our inspiring chat, Alison shares eye-opening and practical tips that you can try at home to shop smarter, make interesting meals, and stop throwing away your hard-earned grocery dollars. Alison walks us through how to do a food waste audit and explains why taking photos of everything you throw out for a month can help you turn around how much food you’re throwing out. She also shares her biggest pet peeve in any recipe and explains why too many recipes are actually too short to be useful in the long run.

We discuss the difference between fancy food TV recipes and ones you’ll actually make for dinner and how to bridge the gap between the two of them. We close by discussing how to get your kids in the kitchen with you, how to stop aspirationally shopping for lettuce, and exploring ways to keep your leftovers interesting. Relating to food better starts with a good meal plan and Alison is quite literally the woman with the plan. This episode is packed full of fun tips and delicious perspectives that you can put into action in your life!