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Re-thinking Sustainable Apparel with Jenny and Stephanie of Rewilder

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The problem with fast fashion is that it’s the single-use plastic of fashion.

jenny silbert & stephanie choi

Rewilder is Re-thinking what makes Apparel

Sometimes the worst types of waste are the ones that are invisible to 99% of the population. While food and plastic are particularly visible forms of waste in modern America, have you ever wondered what types of waste the airbag, beer, and advertising industries are producing? And what happens to it? In this episode, we sit down with Jenny Silbert and Stephanie Choi, the founder and head of marketing of Rewilder. We learn how this extraordinary company came to be and how they’re rethinking apparel, one material at a time.

Jenny Silbert learned that a surprising amount of everyday materials like airbags, seatbelts, and more were going to waste for no good reason. So she founded an apparel company built around upcycling the overlooked and forgotten fabrics of modern life. Today, they make one-of-a-kind tote bags, backpacks, raincoats, and more out of the byproducts of other industries.

Jenny takes a fabric-first approach to creative reuse. She operates as a “waste detective” on a mission to finding new ways to use the underappreciated fabrics piling up all around us. So whether you’re passionate about creative fashion, a fan of innovative design, or a hard-core environmentalist, this episode has something for you to get inspired by!

Show Notes

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