Understanding Climate Change with Jason Jacobs

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Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good enough.

Jason Jacobs

Have you ever worried about climate change?

It’s certainly one of those environmental problems that is so big and so complicated that many of us are overwhelmed or confused by default. How do you break out of the cycle of climate guilt, stress, and paralysis and start to address it head-on?

To answer this question, entrepreneur Jason Jacobs changed careers and started a podcast to better understand climate change. He’s had over 90 climate experts on his podcast, “My Climate Journey,” from a wide range of fields including business, policy, academia, and more. In our frank and timely chat, Jason walks us through some of the common misconceptions about climate change. He explains why climate tech is bigger than just energy, and why suspending disbelief is essential to tackling a problem like climate change.

Jason shows us how to stop staring at the math and stressing out about the dire predictions and take the leap into positive climate action. So if you’re looking to learn more about climate change or want to explore what climate solutions look like in the 21st century, you will learn something important from this episode.

Show Notes

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