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Digging Into Community Gardening With Ron Finley

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When we give back to nature, we give back to ourselves.

ron finley

How can planting a community garden be revolutionary?

Just ask Ron Finley.

Frustrated with the lack of healthy food in his part of LA, Ron took matters into his own hands, picked up a shovel, and built a garden. What happens after that was an eye-opening look into how all of us can make real, positive social change where we live.

In our thought-provoking conversation, Ron shares the lessons he learned from his time in community activism and speaks candidly about the joys and challenges of running a community garden. He shares his thoughtful take on how urban design shapes all of us when we could actually do more to shape it. We conclude with some practical steps you can take to make a change in your community and thoughts on how to start building a garden wherever you live.

This episode is inspiring and packed with lessons you can share with your community to help nurture positive change. Warning: there is some adult language that may not be suitable for children.

Show Notes

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