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Food, Feelings, and the Meaning of Wellness with Sophia Roe

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Everyone is qualified to feed themselves.”

Sophia Roe

Who is Sophia Roe?

After fibbing her way into the restaurant world, Sophia Roe has become a one-of-a-kind wellness advocate, and self-described food & feelings enthusiast.

Today, she helps folks build healthier relationships to food and themselves and we were incredibly excited to finally have her on our podcast. In this fun and passionate conversation Sophia generously shares her philosophy on food and principles for living better. She lays out the techniques and principles that anyone can use to become a better home cook and shares the lessons and takeaways she’s learned from teaching other people how to cook, including why when a food is about to go bad is actually when it’s the most flavorful.

We discuss the rise of cause-based brands, where she hopes to see the wellness industry go, and how she’d like people to better use the term “healthy” in the future. This episode is a delightfully positive and inspiring one that you will want to share with friends!

Show Notes

  • Check out Sophia Roe’s website to learn more about her.
  • Sophia’s Instagram is a must-follow!
  • One of Sophia’s go-to cooking methods is confiting garlic.
  • Sophia recommends that everyone have kosher salt, olive oil, miso, soy sauce, some form of nut or seed, and canned tomato in their kitchen at all times to make cooking easier and more delicious.
  • Sophia’s video on salad really made our day.
  • One of Sophia’s favorite secret ingredients is homemade citrus salt, which is surprisingly easy to make!
  • Sophia mentioned the billion oyster project.
  • Sophia is a big fan of Blueland cleaning projects.
  • She’s also a huge fan of singing along to anything by Donna Summer!

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