How The California Wildfires May Affect Your Veggies

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The ongoing wildfires in California are seriously impacting farms and farm workers in the Central Valley, not to mention threatening lives and property across the region. 2020 was already proving difficult with extremely hot weather. Now, farmers that we work with in and around Salinas are dealing with multiple wildfires raging around their fields. Farmers have lost homes, entire blocks have crops have been destroyed by the heat, and what’s left must be picked in the morning while it’s still cool out, under a dark and smoky sky. 

What this means for you is that there’s a chance your Imperfect leafy greens and vegetables grown in Salinas and other regions of California may have a small amount of ash on them. This might look like gray dust or dirt on the leaves of your lettuce or chard. While these veggies are still okay to eat, we recommend that you thoroughly wash any greens you ordered that came from Salinas and other regions of California, especially if you see any dust or ash on them. 

We ask for your understanding and empathy as we do our best to provide you with the vegetables you count on while also supporting farmers facing an incredibly challenging 2020 harvest. Agriculture is a huge source of livelihood for thousands of people in California, and many Californian farmers are hurting because of these fires. That’s why we’ve decided to keep buying from them despite the possibility of ash. We deeply appreciate your compassion and support this year. 

Lastly, to our customers who have personally been affected by the fires–we’re doing everything possible to continue service in your area. We’re simultaneously working hard to keep the health and safety of our employees top of mind while monitoring the conditions closely to ensure they are never in danger. If a change to your service is needed to keep these employees out of harm’s way, we will let you know immediately. We hope your loved ones are staying healthy and safe. 

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