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Snack to Make an Impact With SocialWorks

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We know it’s an understatement to say that back-to-school time looks a little different this year. That’s why we’ve partnered up with S’well to bring you some early autumn joy with less stress and waste. Together, we created limited-edition S’well S’nack Savers to keep your snacks fresh, your stew warm, and your fruit chilled​, whether lunchtime is at the school cafeteria or the kitchen table. This collaboration will help fund Taste for the Homeless, a SocialWorks & Michael Airhart project that provides low-income individuals and those experiencing homelessness with food, resources, and community. 

A group of volunteers from Social Works assembles much-needed donations for the community.

Helping Kids Dream 

Founded by Grammy-award-winning musician and humanitarian Chance the Rapper, SocialWorks empowers Chicagoland kids through the arts, education, and civic engagement. Their work creates opportunities for thousands of kids to learn and express their passions. They encourage kids to think creatively, pursue their dreams, and help build their communities.

Nourishing Those in Need

Taste for the Homeless provides low-income individuals and those experiencing homelessness with food, resources, and community. It’s not just a program to feed people; it’s about building relationships and making people feel important, which is something we resonate with and respect tremendously. Taste for the Homeless & Michael Airhart serves hundreds of hot and grab-and-go meals, clothes, shelter, and conversation directly to those in need. They offer an inclusive environment for folks to socialize and receive much-needed supplies and care.

Two social works volunteers working together to distribute food.

A Greater Need Than Ever

Before COVID-19, Taste for the Homeless was able to host events and fundraisers where participants were treated to fresh food, warm clothes, haircuts, and entertainment. They regularly partnered with other organizations and community members to help cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner and supply hygiene items. Since COVID-19, they’ve had to scale back their programming, reduce the size of their gatherings, and they’re seeing fewer donations.

This partnership with SocialWorks & Michael Airhart in collaboration with S’well helps Taste for the Homeless continue their inspiring work at a time when they really need some reinforcements. They’ll have the space to remain flexible in their community, serve those in need, and keep shelves stocked with food. Thank you for helping us support their important work!

S'well S'nack savers
Keep an eye out for our S’well S’nack Savers the next time you shop with us! They help prevent food waste and support a great cause.

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