My Food Preferences: Shopping With Imperfect Just Got Easier

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We’re thrilled to announce a new feature that will make grocery shopping with us easier and a better fit for your life. Good relationships involve listening, which is why we created an easy way for you to share your food likes and dislikes with us. Enter: My Food Preferences! This feature provides you with simple ways to let us know what you do and don’t want us to deliver each week. You can always pick out exactly what you want in each order, but this new feature can make your shopping each week easier and faster by letting us know what items you never want to get and which ones you always want to get. 

The Never List

If you don’t like beets, you should never get beets from us. Full stop. The Never List is about putting you in the driver’s seat of every order, even if you forget to log in and shop one week. 

Whether there are things you don’t eat due to allergies, diet preferences, or just personal taste, adding them to the Never List will ensure we never send them to you. This option means less food waste and a kitchen stocked only with things you love! 

Recurring Items

Imagine if you went to the grocery store, and when you arrived, you found a cart filled with all of your go-to staples waiting for you. You’d be able to spend less time trekking to aisle 8 to get coffee beans and then trudging to aisle 3 to get pinto beans. Instead, you can spend more time browsing for the fun stuff – or just finish shopping faster! 

With the Recurring Items List, you can have your favorite coffee automatically added to your order without having to do anything. Just tell us which things you’d like to get every week, and we’ll add them automatically when they’re in season and available. So if you normally get an organic box, we’ll still recommend the seasonal organic produce you’re used to, only now you won’t need to remember to add your favorite coffee, oat milk, and salmon. We’ll automatically add them to your order whenever they’re available. Since our grocery assortment changes every week due to our flexible sourcing model, your personal favorites may not be available for every single order. However, when we have them in stock, we’ll make sure they get added to your order automatically! 

To edit your Food Preferences, just head to the “My Food Preferences” area of your account page (it’s right  below Account Details) and start adding things to your Never and Recurring lists. It’s that easy! 

The more you tell us, the better our recommendations will be each week. You’ll spend less time adding your go-to staples when you shop, and you’ll never have to worry about getting sent something you can’t eat or don’t like. 

We think that grocery shopping should be easier, more fun, and less wasteful, and this new feature is a delightful leap in that direction. Happy shopping!

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