Redefining Black Food with Chef Mimi

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Looking at food as a way of empowerment is what I’m all about.”

Chef Mimi

What type of food do Black chefs cook?

Answering this question in an empowering and authentic way has become chef Mimi’s life’s work. After going to culinary school and not seeing herself or her culture represented in the curriculum, chef Mimi knew she needed to prove to the world that Black chefs cook more than just barbecue and soul food. In this thought-provoking conversation about the powerful intersections between race, cuisine, and culture we explore:

  1. Why Black chefs get stereotyped as only cooking soul food and barbecue
  2. Why dietary diseases like diabetes are so common in Black communities and how food can become a part of the healing process
  3. How chef Mimi started the first all-Black cooking competition show and the Black Food and Wine experience
  4. Why Black representation in food matters

Get ready to see diversity in the food world in a delicious and inspiring new light!

Episode Show Notes:

  1. Learn more about Chef Mimi and The Black Food and Wine Experience on her website.
  2. Mimi recommended reading her article “Black Girls Don’t Eat Avocados” for a deeper understanding of how food choices get racialized in America.
  3. Mimi is a fan of the Mandela Food Cooperative in Oakland.
  4. Looking for a Black winemaker to support? Mimi is a big fan of McBride Sisters.
  5. We got into the weeds of food storage at the end of this episode. You can learn more about it by checking out our food storage guide.

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  • Robin creed
    September 14, 2020 at 1:31 am

    Great insight chef mimi. Thank you for this conversation I am here for it.


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