Halloween Costume for Gardeners: Raised Bed

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This recycled costume is perfect for the unapologetic gardening nerds who want to fly their veggie flag high. You can grow whatever you like for your eco-friendly raised bed Halloween costume for gardeners, but we recommend staying away from anything too prickly.


  1. To make your “raised bed,” cut off the top and bottom of your Imperfect box. With the top and bottom pieces, cut eight rectangles that are a couple of inches longer than the length of the Imperfect box. 
  2. Glue two rectangles on a corner of the Imperfect box, forming a right angle and allowing the extra length to peek up past the box. Repeat on the other three corners of the box.
  3. Paint the box a dark brown and let dry.
  4. While the box dries, cut leaf shapes out of another Imperfect box. Paint the leaves with different shades of green and let dry. Gently bend the leaves to curl them.
  5. Use a hot glue gun to glue the leaf shapes behind the top of the raised bed, allowing the leaves to “tumble” over the top of the planter.
  6. Paint the word “herbs” on the front of the planter and let dry.
  7. To create the straps, cut 2-inch strips out of the silver bag. Glue the ends of the strips to the inside edges of the planter to form straps. You might need to measure how long strips you need before gluing.

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