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Halloween Costumes for Dogs: Dog Carrot

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Do you have a nap-loving dog who’s pretty much rooted to their bed? This eco-friendly Halloween costume for dogs is perfect for the lazy lounge dog who occasionally greets the trick-or-treaters but mostly concentrates on the “treat” part. Your dog will love or at least tolerate, this zero waste costume.


  1. Cut a dog vest shape out of brown felt. We used a dog life jacket as our “template”. Cut out a wide strap of the felt that is long enough to connect the ends of the vest to your dog’s body. Glue one end of the strap to an end of a vest.
  2. Use a hot glue gun and utility knife to make a small “planter box” from your Imperfect box. Paint the box brown and let dry.
  3. Cut a carrot top shape out of your Imperfect box. Paint both sides of the shape orange and green. Let dry.
  4. Cut two rectangles out of your Imperfect box, wide enough to slide one end into the planter. 
  5. Curve the rectangles to form two arches and glue the ends to the bottom of the planter. 
  6. Glue the carrot shape in between the arches so that it sticks straight out of the planter.
  7. Paint the word “carrots” on the front of the planter. Let your dog’s Halloween costume dry.

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