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Zero Waste Zebra Halloween Costume

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It’s not just cats who like to hang out inside our boxes. Small to medium-sized humans do as well. Think inside the box with this unique eco-friendly Halloween zebra costume made from your recycled Imperfect box. You can also keep your treats close throughout the night because it doubles as a secret snack carrier. 

Making your Zebra Halloween Costume

  1. To make the zebra body, cut off the bottom of your Imperfect box. 
  2. Cut out a zebra neck and head shape and a zebra tail shape out of another Imperfect box. 
  3. Cut out small rectangles from the remaining parts of your box. 
  4. Paint the zebra body, head, and tail white with black stripes. Paint the small rectangles black. Let dry. 
  5. Glue the small rectangles along the neck of the zebra to form a mane. Paint a zebra eye and nose on the zebra’s head.
  6. Cut slits on the bottoms of the neck and tail pieces. Slide those pieces on top of the box and use hot glue to secure. 
  7. To create the straps, cut 2-inch strips out of the silver bag. Glue the ends of the strips to the inside edges of the planter to form straps. You might need to measure how long strips you need before gluing.

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