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5 Ideas for Zero Waste Holiday Decorations

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Do you love the festive energy of the holidays but don’t love all the waste? ‘Tis the season to waste less, so our team of Eco-friendly Elves has put together a collection of fun ways to decorate for the holidays by upcycling things you already have around the house. We’ve also got your back with detailed instructions on how to make each one at home.

Cardboard Gingerbread House

If you’re looking for a creative new use for your old Imperfect boxes this holiday season, a cardboard gingerbread house is the perfect project for you. Not only is it easier to make than a traditional gingerbread house, it’s also a great way to get children involved in eco-friendly decorating that sparks their creativity and teaches a fun lesson about reusing things. To be clear, we also think you should still make a classic gingerbread house. Our gingerbread folk still need a place to live, after all. 

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Rustic Dried Orange and Bayleaf Door Hanging

What if your festive decorations also made your house smell amazing? This classic decorative door hanging is a fun and fragrant way to combine common ingredients like bay leaves and dried citrus into something unexpected and charming. 

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Cardboard Gingerbread Cookie Ornaments

Why buy Christmas ornaments when you can get crafty and make your own? It’s a fun way to reuse your Imperfect box and doubles as an art project the whole family can put their creative flair into. Homemade ornaments let you personalize your decorations, keep money in your pocket, and keep waste out of the landfill. It’s a delightful win-win. 

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Cinnamon Stick Snowflake Ornaments

Who says your ornaments can’t make your tree smell wonderful, too?  If that sounds appealingly aromatic to you, try making a spice decoration like these easy cinnamon ornaments. If your spice drawer is as inundated with cloves as ours are, you could also try making a pomander, which never fails to fill a space with fragrant festive flair. 

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Silver Link Chain Garland

We don’t believe in leaving anything out of the mix when it comes to holiday upcycling, and that includes the insulated liner that we use to pack your refrigerated items. This garland is a nifty way to transform these unassuming liners into a one-of-a-kind decoration that just might make Greta Thunberg nod her head in seasonal satisfaction. Who knew reuse could look so stylish? 

See the instructions
Be sure to check out our full instructions page to learn how to make each one of these fun decorations with your family and friends this holiday season.

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