Thank You For Donating Your Orders

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The results are in and we are truly floored by your generosity. Imperfect customers donated 27,372 orders of food to nonprofit partners between Thanksgiving and New Year’s through our “Donate Your Order” program. This is nearly quadruple the number of orders the Imperfect community donated in 2019!

By choosing to donate your orders instead of skipping them during holiday weeks, you stepped up admirably and showed us what a kinder, less wasteful food system can look like. We are deeply grateful for how you’ve embraced the spirit of compassion this winter. Your holiday generosity benefitted some incredible food banks and nonprofits across the country:


Greater Chicago Food Depository The Greater Chicago Food Depository works with over 700 partner organizations across Cook County to end hunger and provides job training to help folks overcome poverty. 

Lakeview Pantry – Lakeview Pantry works to eradicate hunger and poverty in Chicago by providing nutritious food and social services to those in need.

Pacific Northwest: 

Oregon Food Bank – The Oregon Food Bank works to eliminate hunger and its root causes in Oregon, with a focus on fresh foods, community empowerment, and government advocacy work. 

Birch Community Services Birch Community Services addresses the roots of hunger and economic hardship by offering groceries and financial counseling to Portland families in need.

Northern California: 

Project Open Hand – Project Open Hand uses food as medicine to nourish sick and vulnerable individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

White Pony Express – White Pony Express rescues fresh food and delivers it to organizations serving people in need throughout Contra Costa County. 

Southern California:

Pomona Valley Food Bank The Pomona Valley Food Bank provides boxes of nutritious food and household items to families in Los Angeles in need in addition to education and referrals to other social services. 


San Antonio Food Bank – The San Antonio Food Bank serves 58,000 individuals each week in Southwest Texas and works with over 500 partner agencies across the state to make food more accessible in Texas. 

Second Servings – Second Servings works to alleviate hunger and reduce waste in Houston by rescuing surplus food and delivering it to local charities.

East Coast: 

Small Things Matter – Small Things Matter is a kid-powered organization that provides groceries to food-insecure families and individuals in Maryland.

Food Rescue US Food Rescue US uses technology to rescue would-be wasted food and deliver it to social service agencies.

On behalf of all of these amazing organizations and the people they serve we want to say a huge and heartfelt thank you!

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