Imperfect’s Resolutions for 2021

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Like you, we’ve learned a lot of important lessons from this challenging and unpredictable year, and we’re setting our sights on how we want to apply them in 2021. This year we were reminded of the remarkable resiliency of people and our never-ending power to adapt and to help each other in difficult times. When we bring creativity, kindness, and passion to food, materials, and our democracy, there are few things we can’t accomplish together. In the spirit of relentless optimism and transparent collaboration, here are our New Year’s resolutions for 2021. 

Push Ourselves to Be Even Less Wasteful

  • We believe passionately in reducing waste in all forms. In 2021, we’ll work to make sure that each facility sends less waste to landfill, while also rolling out more materials take-back programs so our customers can give their delivery materials a second life.

  • Our commitment to being proactive about our environmental footprint extends to how we use energy, too. In 2020, we successfully transitioned our L.A. facility to clean, solar energy. In 2021, we aim to make similar investments in more of our facilities across the country.

  • We’ll publish our first sustainability report in 2021, including a detailed look at our carbon footprint. We hope this report will do to your interest in sustainability reports what “Hamilton” did to your interest in colonial history. 

Offer More Unique Products Than Ever 

  • Our Imperfect items like our dried mangoes, chocolate-covered pretzels, and Norweigan salmon are some of our most popular groceries – and also some of the most impactful when it comes to directly investing in a better, kinder food system. We’ve heard you loud and clear that you want more of these unique items, and we’re excited to share more of them with you in 2021. 

Invest In a More Delightful Shopping Experience 

  • In 2020 we launched My Food Preferences, a feature that empowers you to share your likes and dislikes with us so every order fits your life better than the last. We’ve already heard great things about how it’s helping you always get your favorite coffee and never get those dreaded beets (…or grapefruit, depending on who you ask).

  • We want shopping with Imperfect to be the highlight of your week, so next year we’re planning to roll out more features like My Food Preferences that make finding your go-to groceries and discovering some new favorites even easier. 

Make a Bigger Positive Impact on Our Communities 

  • In 2020 we committed to being an actively anti-racist company. Since then we have donated thousands of dollars to Appetite for Change and the NAACP, and created a Diversity and Inclusion Board to ensure diversity in our hiring and culture. We are 25% of the way towards our anti-racism goals right now. Next year we’ll publish our first anti-racist impact report to share more detail about our progress and what we’ve learned so far. 

  • Next year we will also offer our customers more chances to donate their orders to food banks in need, as well as other ways to actively partner with us in building a kinder, more equitable food system. 

Grow the Movement

  • This year we’ll invite more people than ever before to join our mission of eliminating food waste and building a better food system for everyone. In 2021 we’ll work on launching in one of our most-requested areas of the country…stay tuned to find out which one!

Thanks for your support, constructive feedback, and great ideas in 2020. We’re excited to see what we can accomplish together in 2021 and beyond. 

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