Our New Commitment to Clean Solar Energy

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Imperfect is committed to using energy responsibly to shrink our carbon footprint and build a better food system for everyone. We’re excited to announce that our Los Angeles warehouse, our largest facility, now gets 100% of its electricity by purchasing clean, solar power from Southern California Edison’s Green Rate program. Not only is this our first facility to go solar, but switching to solar power for the next year will reduce the same amount of emissions as taking 470 cars off the road! 

Through this innovative program, Southern California Edison purchases solar energy form independently owned solar farms in California. Imperfect in turn purchases the equivalent of our L.A. facility’s energy use each year in solar power. This lets our company directly invest in the future of solar power in America and subsidize the creation of renewable energy for more people in our community. 

At over 92,000 square feet, our L.A. warehouse is Imperfect’s largest facility, using an average of 256,000 kWh of power per month. This program is a bold step towards an inspiring new level of energy efficiency for our company and we plan to invest in similar opportunities at our other facilities in the future. 

While waste can feel pervasive in today’s world, we see each frustrating inefficiency as an invitation for something better. We share wins like this one with our community to remind us all of what’s possible when we ask: “What would this look like if it were less wasteful?” In 5 years as a company, that simple question has continued to take us to new places. We hope it inspires you to do the same in your life!

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