Our 2020 Year In Review

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2020 was…a year. We learned 10 new recipes for beans, baked countless loaves of sourdough, and fell in and out of love with Zoom. And that was only March! 

While it was a difficult year in many ways, we were proud to show up for our community and deliver delicious groceries to folks around the country. Lettuce take a walk down memory lane and revisit some highlights of 2020 at Imperfect Foods. 

Your Favorite Groceries

  • Based on your orders, apples took the crown of fruit of the year! Your favorite variety was Honeycrisp, followed by Granny Smith

  • The Imperfect community’s favorite grocery item in 2020 was our boneless skinless chicken breast.

  • You couldn’t get enough onions, making them our most popular vegetable! In close second and third were avocados and carrots.

  • Your favorite Imperfect Foods item was our grass-fed ground beef, followed by our unsweetened dried mangos and our Norwegian salmon.

Your Favorite Recipes, Tips, & More

  • Your favorite Instagram post of the year was this “social distancing” tip about keeping your potatoes and onions separate to last longer.

  • We finally put all of your favorite content under one roof with the launch of The Whole Carrot this year!

  • Our most popular recipe of 2020 was Sophia Roe’s phenomenal celery soup

  • You had a ravenous appetite for food storage tips, making our grocery storage guide our most-viewed article of the year. 

  • The most downloaded episode of the year of our podcast “Unwasted” was our conversation with Ron Finley on the revolutionary power of gardens.

Company Highlights

  • Personalized shopping. We think grocery shopping should be less wasteful in general – especially when it comes to your time – so we debuted the “My Food Preferences” feature this year. Now you can easily share which items you love and want every week, and which ones you never want to get from us. 

  • New regions. In 2020 our delivery area grew to cover 80% of the United States population. This year we expanded to the Southwest and started delivering to Tucson and Phoenix. We also debuted in Salt Lake City and Boise. 

  • An investment in solar energy. As a company, we’re committed to using energy responsibly to shrink our carbon footprint and build a better food system. That’s why we decided to make our Los Angeles warehouse, Imperfect’s largest facility, part of Southern California Edison’s Green Rate program, sponsoring the production of solar energy through independently owned solar farms.

  • Zooming to the finish line.  All said and done, our employees spent 77,502 hours – that’s 3,229 days – in Zoom meetings this year to make our work possible. To put that into perspective, that’s over 8 years of meetings in one year! 

Social Impact Highlights

  • This year reminded us of the importance of generosity. We were proud to donate more than 3 million pounds of food to our food bank and nonprofit partners across the country. 

  • To make food more accessible, we delivered 263,624 orders of Reduced Cost Boxes in 2020, more than tripling the size of this program. 

  • To help people affected by the COVID-19 crisis, we raised over $58,000 for Feeding America with our customers, gave $15,000 in emergency food relief to 18 nonprofits through our Feeding Change Fund, and offered free delivery for low-income seniors in partnership with The Kroger Co. Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Foundation. 

  • To advance racial justice in America, we donated $30,000 to the NAACP and Appetite for Change thanks to company donations and an employee match program. 

If this year taught us one thing, it was the power of community to get through adversity. There are always more rewarding ways that we can help each other. We’re so grateful to have you as a part of our Imperfect community – your energy and support constantly shapes our company for the better. We look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together in 2021! 

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