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Easy Gameday Recipes to Tackle

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Whether you’re watching the big game to cheer on your team or you’re really just there for the commercials, there’s one unifying reason we should all be there: the snacks. These tasty game day recipes are family-friendly, perfect for an at-home tailgate-for-two, and will make for leftovers worth looking forward to even if the game doesn’t go your way.

taco stuffed peppers

Taco Stuffed Peppers

Hut, hut, have you had your veggies today? Gameday foods, while delicious and cheesy, can get a little heavy. You need something nutritious to fuel all that repeated standing up to yell at the referee and then sitting back down to shake your head, throw up your hands, and say, “where’d they find this one?”  

Classic Guacamole for Gameday

Gameday Guacamole

Chips and guacamole are an essential snack for any important sporting event and this guac is about as classic as it gets. So start stocking up on not-quite-ripe avocados and your favorite corn tortilla chips before time runs out. The last thing you want is for Sunday to come along and you’re stuck with rock-hard avocados and fragile tortilla chips that can’t make it out of your guac in one piece. 

Mexican corn salad

Mexican Corn Salad

This delicious Mexican corn salad is reminiscent of Esquites, a popular street snack, or a cob-free version of elotes. Corn kernels are sautéed in butter until they’re just the right amount of charred and then mixed in a spicy, creamy lime dressing and topped with more good stuff like cotija cheese and cilantro. This Mexican corn salad is off-the-cob good, and adding the word “salad” at the end of the name makes us feel even better.

roasted vegetable nachos

Roasted Vegetable Nachos

If your team is losing and you need to be comforted, look no further than these roasted vegetable nachos. Not only are nachos the perfect vehicle for all the things that make life a little better (cheese, we are talking specifically about cheese), but they’re also very crunchy. So crunchy, that eating them may drown out the sounds of your team losing.

three bean Chili for Gameday

A Super Bowl of Chili

When it comes to go-to game day noshes, there’s nothing more classic than a recipe for a hearty bowl of chili. And we’ve got a recipe for everyone— meat lovers, veggie lovers, veggie lovers who still like meat, or vegetarians who prefer their veggies to taste like meat


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