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Examining Environmentalism with Isaias Hernandez

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Does environmentalism have a racism problem?

Is veganism elitist? Why do so many young environmental activists suffer from burnout? These are some of the thorny but important issues that Isaias Hernandez of Queer Brown Vegan fearlessly tackles every day. He is an educator and speaker who’s passionate about environmental justice, veganism, and zero-waste. This conversation with Isaias is thought-provoking and packed with insights about our food system, environmentalism, plant-based diets, and more!

We can’t say that colonization is something in the past that doesn’t exist anymore.”

Isaias hernandez

Episode Show Notes:

  1. Learn more about Isaias and his work with Queer Brown Vegan by heading to his website, connecting with him on LinkedIn, and checking out his Instagram (@queerbrownvegan).
  2. Isaias shared his love of vegan conchas, a traditional Mexican dessert.
  3. Isaias’s go-to karaoke song is anything by Kali Uchi.

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