Our 2020 Impact Report

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What a year that was. Truly, composting the cliches for a second, we want to take a deep breath together and acknowledge just how much hardship, growth, and adaptation we all had to go through this past year. Now that hindsight truly is 2020, we want to honor the transformative journey we just went on by sharing our first-ever annual Impact Report. 

This report covers everything from the highlights of our growth as a company, an in-depth dive into our environmental footprint, a candid look at our commitment to be an anti-racist company, and much more.  

We are sharing this impact report now for two reasons. The first is to properly thank all of the amazing people at Imperfect and our larger community of customers and partners who made these accomplishments possible. As we wrote them all down we realized just how much our community cares about building a better food system. You all showed up in incredible and inspiring ways in 2020 and we want to give you credit for everything you did. 

The second is to nourish the spirit of transparency and accountability that is central to who we are at Imperfect. We believe that grand commitments are only as good as the actions that follow them. Transparency is the best way to honestly share our accomplishments as well as understand areas where we have more work to do to live up to our words. By showing you what we have accomplished already and what challenges still lie ahead of us, we’re inviting all of you to help hold us accountable and give us the necessary feedback in the future. 

We hope this report gives you some food for thought, hope, and inspiration for your plans for 2021. Ready to dive in? 

Read our full 2020 Impact Report here

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