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An Apeel-ing Solution to Food Waste

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There’s nothing more frustrating than food going bad before you can enjoy it. While throwing away one apple is a nuisance, throwing away tons of apples is an environmental problem. despite our best intentions, that’s sadly what happens to apples, lettuce, herbs, and so much more in refrigerators across the country. Thankfully, Apeel is working to change that.

Since our homes are the biggest source of food waste in the U.S., finding new ways to keep produce fresher for longer is essential precisely because it has such a huge environmental impact.

We’re thrilled to share that we now carry delicious apples from Apeel that stay fresh for twice as long as other apples!

How do they do it? These Apeel apples from Starr Ranch Growers have a plant-based extra “peel” that extends their shelf life. Apeel uses the skins, peels, and seeds of plants to create an edible coating that keeps moisture in and oxygen out – the two primary causes of spoilage. This means less stress, less waste, and more time to savor your favorite seasonal produce. 

We’re grateful for their waste-reducing innovation and we can’t wait for you to try these apples and see for yourself the difference Apeel makes. An Apeel apple a day helps keep food waste away! 

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