Our Commitment to Standing By Our Drivers

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To the Imperfect Foods community,

Last week we learned about the initial results of a vote by our drivers in Northern California to join a labor union. The vote was very close and we owe it to our employees to make sure all of their ballots are counted, their voices heard, and the vote has been duly certified. We will absolutely accept the outcome of a fair and democratic process and are entirely committed to engaging constructively with our employees as well as the union, should they choose that path.

I have deep admiration for organized labor. The contributions of labor unions to the quality of life and earning power of millions of workers are endless. All of us working in the food industry owe so much to the crucial work of activists and organizers such as Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, who advocated for improved working conditions for farmworkers, laying the groundwork for companies like Imperfect Foods to build on.

At Imperfect, we are proud to be an employer that provides above-average wages and health benefits to all salaried and hourly workers. Our culture is inclusive and open. We invest in our people and celebrate dozens of internal promotions every year. The good jobs we provide to over 1,500 workers in the US are just a start. We are determined to ensure these jobs are meaningful and rewarding for every Imperfect employee. 

Our drivers in Northern California have told us that we haven’t done enough to listen to their concerns. We can and will do better at collaborating directly with our employees and resolving our issues. That way labor unions can focus their scarce resources on improving conditions of workers in industries and organizations where their voices won’t be heard.

We will continue to work together with our employees or with their union representatives, should they choose that path. Above all else, we are committed to improving dialogue, fostering open communication with our employees, and working together to build a better company and a better food system. 

Thank you, 

Philip Behn, CEO