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Introducing Elbows on the Table

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Illustration by Tegan Harmonay

It’s been a weird year. Or has it been a decade?

Elbows on the Table is an essay series from Imperfect where we look back on what it’s been like– the tasty parts and the not-so-tasty parts.

But with vaccines rolling out we might also peek into the murky future as well. Who knows. Let’s see what happens.

Check out our first story 👀.

It's Pizza O'clock, Illustration by Tegan Harmonay

It’s Pizza O’clock

by Meghan Proulx

Food isn’t everything, but it’s what just about everything revolves around. “Pizza o’clock” is not a joke anymore. Err, it is, but it’s one of those half-jokes that you laughingly say and then hungrily scan the room for someone who took it seriously.

the pancake tower covered in candy

The Epic Mother’s Day Pancake Tower

by Meghan Proulx

The topsy-turvy (and about to topple over) tale of the epic Mother’s Day pancake tower.

no plate like home pandemic story illustration

No Plate Like Home

by Reilly Brock

Reilly shares the lessons he learned when the pandemic turned his place of refuge into a never-ending pile of dishes.

Taste Tester Elliot Drucker

What it’s like to be a Professional Mayonnaise Taster

Meet Elliot Drucker. He lives in Brooklyn, enjoys long runs through the city, and used to eat mayonnaise for a living.

Skirt Illustration by David Ziegler-Voll

This Pride, I’m not Skirting the Issue. Or am I?

by David Ziegler-voll

David talks Pride, being a Gemini, and how working remotely has impacted his gender-expression.

Two Peas and the Odd Carrot Out

Watching cooking shows during the pandemic was a place of refuge for a lot of us. Read about Becka Chambliss’s experience and how her favorite cooking shows changed her relationship with her step-daughter.

A Mid-Autumn Festival Story

A Mid-Autumn Festival Story

by Irene Lee

“Just like the moon, we all go through phases.” Irene shares her Mid-Autumn Festival feels and how she’s grown to love the holiday (and herself) as she gotten older.

A mysteriously missing pumpkin

The Curious Case of the Mysteriously Missing Pumpkin

by Tegan Harmonay

A story that is somewhat spooky, sort of smelly, and verrrrry mysterious.

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