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Eat like an Olympian

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We’re thrilled to be partnering with Olympians and Salt Lake City natives, Sarah Hendrickson and Brittany Bowe! Right now at Imperfect, you can eat like an Olympian when you stock your box with the same snacks, staples, and sweets these winter athletes enjoy. 

Sarah Hendrickson’s Imperfect Picks

When 2x olympic ski jumper Sarah’s not shredding a mountainside she’s enjoying an avocado a day and fueling her sweet tooth. Check out her Imperfect picks:

Imperfect Foods + Brew Dr. Blood Orange & Ginger Kombucha

“I have grown to love fermented tea for many years. The good gut probiotics help my digestion and the slight carbonation and sweetness is perfect as the weather starts to turn warmer.”

Imperfect Foods Dark Chocolate Covered Broken Almonds

“I have a serious sweet tooth and these just fill that gap for a midday snack or after-dinner dessert. I love the idea of the unwanted broken nuts that get separated from the full almond bags!”

Justin’s Classic Natural Peanut Butter

“I am a peanut butter lover! I have been making homemade sourdough and my breakfast almost every morning is peanut butter and jam over sourdough. This Justin’s brand stays true to my values with ethically sourced palm oil and a hint of sweetness.”

avocado illustration
Organic Avocados

“Whether it is in salads or a smoothie, I eat about an avocado a day. The nutrient-dense fat that it provides keeps me full and fueled through a long day at work or for my various sports! It is smooth and creamy and can transform any meal!”

Organic Baby Spinach

“It is a priority to get greens everyday in one way or another. I add baby spinach to my smoothies at the minimum, or sauté them in with my tofu and veggies. It is tender and rich in vitamins which keeps my immune system up and balanced.”

Brittany Bowe’s Imperfect Picks

how to eat like Olympian Brittany Bowe

Brittany Bowe won the bronze medal for speed skating at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games! When training, she fuels her workouts with nutritious grain bowls and grab-and-go snacks. Check out her Imperfect picks:

Imperfect Foods Wild Rice and Quick Cooking Brown Rice

“When cooking, I often aim to include nutrient-dense, whole grains in my meals. Some of my favorite meals to make are variations of “grain bowls” and both of these are a great option to use.”                              

Imperfect – 100% California Organic Virgin Olive Oil

“From sautéing, roasting, or grilling vegetables and meats, to making a variety of dressings, olive oil is a staple in my kitchen. Knowing that it is a great source of healthy fat, I never hesitate to use it to get each meal started.”

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar

“These whole wheat fig bars are one of my favorite grab-and-go snacks. It is sometimes difficult to find wholesome snacks and what I love about Nature’s Bakery is their mission to use real, quality ingredients to create snacks that help fuel my active lifestyle.”

Organic Kale Bunch
kale illustration

“It is important to me to always have a colorful plate of food in front of me and one of my favorite colors to have on my plate is green. I love to include kale in my diet, as it is packed with nutrients and antioxidants.”

Organic Cherry or Grape Tomatoes

“Tomatoes are a staple in my kitchen and are used as a base for a variety of salads, salsas, soups, and sauces. Not only are tomatoes one of the most versatile ingredients in my kitchen, they are a major dietary source of the antioxidant, lycopene, which has been linked to many health benefits.”

Add Sarah and Brittany’s picks to your next box and you’ll be on your way to eating like an Olympian! And if you’re new to Imperfect, sign up with the code SALTLAKE30 for 30% off of your first box.


  • Kelly Casey
    June 2, 2021 at 8:45 am

    I am very interested in local partnerships. Pkease tell me about your involvement in the Twin Cities.

    • Imperfect
      June 16, 2021 at 9:59 pm

      Definitely reach out to our team to learn more about how we’re getting involved in your city here: 💚


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