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Mom-Approved Mother’s Day Gifts

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Who knows better about what to get mom than actual moms? Get the inside scoop on our best items and gifts for Mother’s Day according to the moms at Imperfect.

Saved Stems Floral Bouquets for Mother's Day

Saved Stems Flower Bouquets

I love surprises, and flowers always brighten my day, so receiving a mystery bouquet would be the best of both worlds! – Riegel, People Experience Specialist

Saved Stems is our new line of sustainable and one-of-a-kind floral arrangements! It’s a safe space for surplus sprays and stems that didn’t quite make the cut elsewhere.

imperfect foods olive oil hand cream

Olive Oil Hand Cream

I live in dry, deserty Las Vegas, so my hands pretty much always feel like a lizard. I keep this hand cream in my bag at all times and love how it smells. – Becka Chambliss, Merchandise Marketing Manager

With all the hand-washing these days, we’ve all got dry scaley lizardy hands. This luxurious, antioxidant-rich cream is made with sustainably sourced ingredients that will nourish dry skin. And it smells nice!

strawberry bunch

Strawberries & Equal Exchange Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips 

My favorite thing about Mother’s Day is that it means I will be shoveling chocolate-covered strawberries into my face and not sharing with anyone. They make ‘em, I eat ‘em.Becka Chambliss, Merchandise Marketing Manager

Becka really says it all here.

imperfect foods body butter trio

Imperfect Foods Body Butter Trio

I love these! There’s one for me, one for me, and one for me, haha. – Vicky Bond, Site Content Manager

Made with ethically sourced ingredients that smell delightful, this is one Mother’s Day gift she’s not going to want to share.

imperfect foods cinnamon bread

Imperfect Foods Cinnamon Bread

“Imperfect’s Cinnamon Bread is literally perfect! The balance of cinnamon and the drizzle of sweet frosting is fantastic. And what really makes this bread unique is that it’s woven throughout the loaf! You get to experience that amazing flavor in every bite. I can’t get enough of it!Maureen Shea, CXO

 Maureen gets it.

apricot illustration

Made in Nature Organic Organic Dried Apricots

I order a bag of these sun-dried apricots in almost every order – delicious, healthy and organic, with the added bonus of “tasting like candy” to my three-year-old! Stephanie Graham, Paid Social Manager

For the mom who’s still working with kids too young to pamper her.

yellow daisy

Unreal Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

“I love that they are individually packaged, and I don’t feel bad when I have to bribe my son with these delicious bite-sized treats.” – Vicky Bond, Site Content Manager

These Peanut Butter Cups use 36% less sugar than the leading brand and are free of artificial sweeteners. That’s because mom’s already sweet enough as is. Unless you eat her peanut butter cups.

Oona Kitchen Towels arriving 5/13

 “I love these towels because not only are they extremely handy to have in the kitchen, but they come in fun designs and help me live a more sustainable lifestyle!” – Kathleen Durant, User Experience Researcher

We don’t suggest making mom clean on Mother’s Day. These stylish and sustainable kitchen towels are for someone else to use while she supervises and drinks a mimosa. 

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