Our Favorite Recipes for an Epic Backyard Barbecue

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For some reason, things just taste better with grill lines. So go dust off the grill, gussy up the backyard, and pick out all your favorite fruits, veggies, meats, meat alternatives and try these recipes for an epic backyard barbecue. And since drinks and sides deserve their chance to shine too, we’ll be sharing a few of our favorites.

On the Grill

Grilled peaches with ice cream and honey

Simple Grilled Peaches with Honey and Thyme

The weather is ripe for grilling, and so are these peaches! Drizzled with honey and thyme, these grilled peaches are nature’s candy. If nature had a grill, that is.

vegetarian skewers with grilled pineapple and Tofu

Grilled Pineapple & Tofu Skewers with Tangy Ginger Sauce

With a tangy ginger sauce and a rich sweetness released from the grill, these skewers are summer on a stick.

pineapple sausage skewers from True Story

Pineapple Sausage Skewers

When it comes to skewers, your options don’t have to be super meaty or bland zucchini. We teamed up with our friends at True Story to assemble a better kebab that’s somewhere in between.

easy grilled fennel

Easy Grilled Fennel

Did we lose you at “fennel?” Trust us, once grilled, this tough bulb transforms into something tender and sweet.

Grilled eggplant with tahini sauce

Grilled Eggplant with Tahini Sauce

The key to cooking with eggplant is to season it so much that it seems excessive. In this recipe, eggplant is grilled to perfection with lemon, paprika, and sea salt and then drizzled with tahini in a baba ghanoush-like dish that’s perfect for an easy dinner.

Adda Veggie Broccoli Burgers with Secret Sauce

Adda Veggie Broccoli Burgers with Secret Sauce

Sun’s out, burger buns out! This recipe for Broccoli Burgers from Down to Cook Foods is the perfect way to make a healthy, fresh veggie burger at a barbecue.

Next to the grill

Mexican corn salad

Mexican Corn Salad

Summery and delicious– Mexican corn salad is reminiscent of esquites, a popular street snack or a cob-free version of elotes. And in case you have lots of leftover corn cobs, learn how to turn them into a delicious corn stock.

cucumber fennel pickles

Cucumber Fennel Pickles

This easy recipe is a great way to preserve extra cucumbers and adds an unexpected but definitely necessary flavor and crunch to burgers. 

fruit and veggie rainbow snack board

Rainbow Snack Board

It’s as healthy as it is beautiful and will convince even the pickiest of eaters to eat a vegetable.

Classic guacamole recipe perfect for a barbecue or gameday

Gameday Guacamole

Did it even happen if there wasn’t guacamole there? 

Citrus and Beet Salad

Citrus and Beet Salad

No one goes to a barbecue for the salad, until now. This bright and tangy salad is refreshing and a nice contrast to accompany a big cheesy burger.

While you grill

refreshing mango iced tea in glasses and a pitcher

Refreshing Mango Iced Tea

This Mango Iced Tea is only five ingredients and delightful to sip on while you wait for all the delicious food to be ready.

strawberry basil lemonade

Refreshing Strawberry Basil Lemonade

With the hot sun shining and no clear indication when the burgers and brats will be ready, this lemonade helps keep the “hangries” at bay. 

citrus cocktail

Wild Harvest Cocktail

From Erin Ashford of Olamaie in Austin, Texas– this citrus cocktail is a fun and easygoing drink that’s sure to help spark up a lively evening. 

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