Campfire Cones

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Swap out the graham crackers for ice cream cones in this camping classic. Enjoy this twist on s’mores in the great outdoors with this tasty recipe for Campfire* Cones by Tony’s Chocolonely. We used Dandie’s All Natural Vanilla Marshmallows which you can find at Imperfect all summer.

*Fire sold separately.

Makes 6-8 Campfire Cones

Campfire Cone with Tony's Chocolonely

Ingredients and Equipment

  • 10 oz bag marshmallows 
  • Tony’s Chocolonely bar, broken into small pieces
  • 6-8 waffle cones
  • tinfoil or eco foil
  • campfire or grill with golden hot embers!


  1. Start by spreading out enough foil to wrap around a waffle cone (and then some). 
  2. Take your cone and stuff it to the brim with chocolate and marshmallows. Wrap the cone in foil and make a small pouch by folding the foil tightly around the base of your cone and loosely around the top of the cone. 
  3. Carefully place your foil pouch near the hot embers. 
  4. Leave the pouch near the embers for about 30 seconds (or less if you prefer) to heat the cone and melt all of the goodies inside. 
  5. Carefully remove your foil pouch from the embers (sticks or skewers helps here), leave to the side until cool to the touch. Once your foil is cool enough, slowly uncover it from top to bottom, and dig in!

Recipe Notes and Variations

  •  It’s a sticky situation! If you can set your foil pouch upright near your embers and remove/cool upright, it’ll help keep your cone from getting too gooey and messy.
  • Learn more about Tony’s Chocolonely and The Truth About Chocolate in our podcast episode featuring Ynzo Van Zanten.

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