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Our (Almost) Fall Produce Guide

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With fall comes cozy feelings of…wait a second, it’s still August. Let’s start again. With late summer to early fall comes feelings of confusion. Just what is in season and what even is the season? We’re there with you. But since it’s always worth eating seasonal fruits and veggies if you can, we have the report on what’s fresh at Imperfect. 

Is it a persimmon or a pumpkin baby?

fuyu persimmons in season

Persimmon season has arrived and brought with it questions such as: How do they taste? How should one eat them? Why do they look like little tomato pumpkin babies? All great questions. There are two main varieties of persimmon, and this season we will have the more popular Fuyus.

Fuyus are squat and plump with just the right amount of sweetness and an intriguing hint of cinnamon. They’re best-eaten firm like an apple and are delicious chopped up into a refreshing salad.

Pretty in pluot

For folks in the West Coast, South West, and Midwest, we’ll have pluots from Wild River, an independent, family-owned organic farm outside of sunny Sacramento. If the promise of a fruit that blends the best characteristics of plums and apricots wasn’t enticing enough, what if we told you that we saved them from being left on the tree and going to waste? And would we be going overboard if we told you they have some slight scarring on the skin that makes them unsellable in most stores but even more delicious in our eyes? 

A sweet story about spuds

sweet potato illustration with googlies

With our help, a family-owned farm in Wisconsin was able to sell all of their potatoes on the organic market for the first time ever. Typically, they would have to sell any organic potatoes that didn’t meet strict supermarket standards as “conventional.” When this happens, farmers lose out on money and the extra effort they put in to grow an exceptional organic product. We’ll also have pre-cut California-grown sweet potatoes. They come pre-cubed not because we’re against a little elbow grease but because they were seriously enormous. Unless you happen to have a kitchen machete, you’d find it near impossible to chop these jumbos. 

We got the beet(s)

We love Love Beets. And not just because their organic beets make everything pretty. But because they do things differently. They put tremendous amounts of time, effort, and love into their craft. And because they focus on just beets and all the many forms they can take, they’re able to utilize every beet regardless of size, shape, or overall wonkiness. 

And that’s a wrap on the (almost) Autumn produce we’re the most excited about. Be sure to check them out, and look forward to our upcoming fall grocery preview where we might just drop even more beets (sorry, not sorry).


  • Diana Kramer
    August 11, 2021 at 7:34 pm

    I love love your friendly, homey descriptions. I grow a little family garden. Some of my produce looks a little different but would I throw them away? Heck no! So eating from Imperfect Foods feels like produce from my garden.

    • Imperfect
      September 29, 2021 at 9:12 pm

      You’re so sweet! Thanks so much for the support and big love to you and your cute lil garden! 💚💚💚


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