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Three Ways to Eat All the Pumpkin Butter

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This story was featured in our Imperfect Almanac.

Rich, smooth, and creamy, our scrumptious Pumpkin Butter adds a smattering of instant autumn to baked goods, buttery pasta, and tart and cheesy sandwiches. Since it’s only at Imperfect for the season, you’ll want to spread, dollop, and dip it into as many things as possible. Start experimenting with a few of our favorite pumpkin-forward recipes.

bowl of yogurt and spiced pumpkin butter granola

Spiced Pumpkin Butter Granola

This granola is insanely good. You might want to make 2 batches and don’t be surprised if half of it gets eaten while it’s still hot from the oven.

Fancy Pumpkin Butter Grilled Cheese

Fancy Pumpkin Butter Grilled Cheese

Lucious pumpkin-y goodness, tart green apples, and lots of melty cheese. It’s the festive fall trio you didn’t know you needed in your life.

Pumpkin Brown Butter Pasta

Pumpkin Brown Butter Pasta

This pasta is super simple to make and seriously rewarding. Enjoy this recipe at the end of a long day that calls for lots of delicious carbs and butter.

And because we can never get enough pumpkin this time of year, check out our 6 Ways to Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life.

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