Imperfect Resource Guide

Zero Waste Tips 

Our Grocery Storage Guide tells you how to store all of your favorite foods. 

The Save the Food Guestimator can help you plan how much to cook for a group. 

Food storage products that help reduce waste. 

How to clean out your fridge like a pro. 

How to use your coffee grounds

Here are 4 ways to reuse your Imperfect box

Learn 5 ways to waste less protein. 

How to shop smarter and make your groceries last. 

Ingredient Guides

Artichokes: Here are 3 tips for cooking with artichokes. 

Beets: Here’s everything you need to know about cooking with beets. 

Bok Choy: How to fall in love with bok choy! 

Brussels sprouts: Learn our top 5 tips for roasting Brussels sprouts. 

Citrus: Learn about the main types of citrus in our citrus 101

Chili peppers: Read our pepper 101, learn how to pick the right hot pepper for you, and see why we love habanero peppers so much. 

Cooking oil: Learn which cooking oils to use when with our handy guide

Grains: See how to cook with farro, quinoa, lentils, and more! 

Eggplant: Learn our 4 tips for making eggplant delicious. 

Herbs: Check out our guide to herbs and learn when to use fresh or dried herbs 

Kale: Learn how to love kale again. 

Leafy Greens: Understand 4 common leafy greens and what to do with them. 

Lentils: See 5 tips for cooking with lentils .

Nuts: Read our advice for how to cook with nuts. 

Persimmons: Learn the difference between Hachiya and Fuyu persimmons. 

Pomegranates: How to cook with pomegranates. 

Pumpkins: Here’s everything you wanted to know about cooking with pumpkins. 

Root vegetables: Get your common questions about root veggies answered by chef Abra Berens. 

Spices: Get some tips about using our favorite spices, discover our top fall spices, or learn about spice pairing,  

Squash: Check out our squash cheat sheet to learn about the most common types and when to use them. 

Scrappy Cooking

Root to leaf cooking tips for common vegetables. 

Transform your citrus peels into a non-toxic kitchen cleaner. 

How to turn corn cobs into corn stock

How to use your coffee grounds

What to do with leftover condiments. 

Gadgets & Gear

We share 10 tools every cook should have around, explore how to care for your knives and how to shop for a chef’s knife. 


8 tips for grilling

How to pickle everything in your kitchen. 

How to turn leftovers into stock

How to ferment vegetables. 

Must-have ingredients 

How to build a better pantry. 

5 baking ingredients you should always have around. 

5 tips for better baked goods. 


Learn which vegetables you can actually re-grow from their scraps from Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening

Check out our composting 101 to learn how to get started where you live. 


Our Food Waste Coloring Book is a great activity for kids or adults looking to learn more about food waste. 

This hilarious parody of “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran also teaches some important lessons. 

Grow Food is an inspiring rap music video by our friends at Appetite for Change