This is exactly where your Imperfect Foods Skipjack Tuna came from

The Imperfect Foods difference

Here is one more amazing reason you can feel good about the products you purchase from Imperfect Foods. Our Skipjack Tuna is intentionally sourced to the point we know the name of the captain on the boat that responsibly fished this product. 


Below is all you need to know about where your Skipjack Tuna came from!

Species: Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus Pelamis)

Catch Method: Pole and Line

Catch Area: Maldives, Western Indian Ocean(FAO 51)

Cannery Location: Maandhoo, Maldives

Certifications: Fair Trade, MSC, Dolphin Safe, Turtle Safe

Landing Dates: 4/1/21 to 5/5/21

Maldives Vessel Names & Captains:

Vessel Samha, Capt. Ibrahim Manik

Vessel Rasali, Capt. Mohamed Abdulla

Vessel Amaaz, Capt. Moosa Naveez

Vessel Alimas, Capt. Moosa Mohamed

Vessel Fahi Raodhi, Capt. Moosa Fulhu

Vessel Dhonfalhu, Capt. Yoosuf

Vessel Asuruma, Capt. Yoosuf Hussain

The best tuna fish sandwich you will ever have.

We love a good tuna fish sandwich and think you’ll agree this one rocks! Just add capers, lemon, and a wee bit of dill!

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